Final Cut Pro 6 - Methods for Sending Audio fromFinalCutProtoSoundtrackPro

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Methods for Sending Audio
from Final Cut Pro to Soundtrack Pro

You can take several approaches to working with your Final Cut Pro project’s audio in
Soundtrack Pro. The method you choose depends on your situation:

 Do you need to make specific changes to audio clips in your project? Final Cut Pro allows

you to open one or more clips in the Soundtrack Pro File Editor, where you can
analyze and process the audio using a variety of powerful tools.

 Do you need to batch process multiple audio files? Using customizable Soundtrack Pro

scripts, you can automate repetitive audio processing tasks such as removing clicks,
adding fades, or normalizing levels.

 Do you need a complete audio post-production solution for your movie, including sound

editing, sweetening, and mixing? You can send multiple Final Cut Pro clips—or even an
entire sequence—to a Soundtrack Pro multitrack project, where you can complete
your final mix by adding additional tracks of sound effects, voiceover, and music.
Both stereo and surround sound mixing are supported.