Final Cut Pro 6 - About SoundtrackPro Scripts

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About Soundtrack Pro Scripts

Soundtrack Pro scripts are AppleScript droplets containing Soundtrack Pro File Editor
actions. Scripts can be created in Soundtrack Pro or a script editing application such as
Script Editor, the AppleScript application included with Mac OS X. For more information,
see the Soundtrack Pro User Manual.

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Part I

Audio Mixing

Soundtrack Pro opens and each clip is automatically opened, edited, saved, and closed
in the File Editor.

You can also repeat the last script you used to edit a clip, making it easy to edit several
clips with the same set of actions.

To edit a clip with the last script used:


Control-click the clip in the Final Cut Pro Browser or Timeline, then choose Send To >
Last Soundtrack Pro Script from the shortcut menu.

To disable the dialog that appears when you use the Send To Soundtrack Pro
Script command:


Choose Final Cut Pro > User Preferences, then click the Editing tab.


Deselect the Warn on “Send to Soundtrack Pro Script” option, then click OK.