Final Cut Pro 6 - PartII: Effects

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Part II:


Learn how to use the powerful effects capabilities of
Final Cut Pro to enhance your project. Add filters, create
motion effects, generate titles, composite graphics together,
and color correct your footage.

Chapter 12

Using Video Filters

Chapter 13

Installing and Managing Video Effects

Chapter 14

Changing Motion Parameters

Chapter 15

Adjusting Parameters for Keyframed Effects

Chapter 16

Reusing Effect and Motion Parameters

Chapter 17

Changing Clip Speed and Time Remapping

Chapter 18

Working with Freeze Frames and Still Images

Chapter 19

Compositing and Layering

Chapter 20

Keying, Mattes, and Masks

Chapter 21

Using Generator Clips

Chapter 22

Using the SmoothCam Filter

Chapter 23

Creating Titles

Chapter 24

Working with Motion and Shake

Chapter 25

Working with Master Templates

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