Final Cut Pro 6 - Creating Motion Paths

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Creating Motion Paths

The simplest way to make changes to a clip’s motion path is by manipulating it directly
in the Canvas while in Image+Wireframe mode.

To create a motion path:


Open the clip you want to animate in the Viewer, then click the Motion tab.


In the Canvas, choose a wireframe mode from the View pop-up menu.


In the Viewer, Canvas, or Timeline, move the playhead to the location where you want
that clip’s motion to begin.

Note: When you open a clip from your sequence in the Viewer, all three playheads are
locked together, so it doesn’t matter which playhead you use.


Select the Selection tool in the Tool palette.


In the Canvas, drag the clip’s center point and position the clip at the starting point of
the motion path you want to create.


Add a keyframe at the starting point.

For more information, see “

Setting Keyframes

” on page 294.


Move the playhead to the location where you want to add your next keyframe.


Drag the clip to the next position in the Canvas.

Final Cut Pro automatically adds a new keyframe and creates the appropriate motion
path in the Canvas. Repeat steps 7 and 8 to add as many keyframes as you need.

Starting point

of motion path

With the Selection tool
still selected, drag the
clip to the next position.

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