Final Cut Pro 6 - Choosing a Wireframe Mode

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Choosing a Wireframe Mode

If you want to adjust a clip’s motion settings in the Canvas, the Canvas must be in one
of the “wireframe” modes. When the Canvas is in Image+Wireframe or Wireframe mode,
the currently selected clip has a turquoise border that shows its scale, position,
rotation, distortion, and cropping, if any are applied. If you are in Image+Wireframe
mode, you also see the clip’s image; in Wireframe mode, unselected clips are
represented by a black background with a gray outline.

To put the Canvas into a wireframe mode, do one of the following:


Choose View > Image+Wireframe, or choose View > Wireframe.


Press W to put the Canvas in Image+Wireframe mode. Press W again to change to
Wireframe view. Press W a third time to return to Image mode.


Choose Image+Wireframe or Wireframe from the View pop-up menu at the top of
the Canvas.

Selected clip in
Image+Wireframe mode

Choose one of the
wireframe modes.

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Chapter 14

Changing Motion Parameters



Manipulating Images in the Canvas

When a clip is selected in the Timeline or Canvas (and you are in a wireframe mode),
there are handles attached to the clip that allow you to perform different geometrical
manipulations. A number at the center of the selected clip shows which track the clip is
on. Shown below are the different handles on a selected clip in the Canvas.