Final Cut Pro 6 - Temporarily Excluding Clips from Playback or Output

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Superimposing Video When Preparing for EDL Export

In an Edit Decision List (EDL), a Super or Key track is the equivalent of a single
superimposed video track in Final Cut Pro. EDLs can recognize only one Key track, so
V2 is the only video track other than V1 that appears in an exported EDL. Transitions
in track V2 are not allowed in EDLs and are ignored. If you want to use a transition in
track V2, use keyframes in the opacity overlay to dissolve V2 up and down. (See
Volume IV, Chapter 10, “Importing and Exporting EDLs.”)

The opacity overlay in the Timeline appears as the “Key Level” in your exported EDL.
Opacity keyframes, if they exist, are translated into values for the Key Level and are
calculated in the EDL in relation to the timecode of the master tape. These numbers
are for use by a video switcher. Some online systems can translate these for
automatic use by some switchers, but more commonly they are used only as notes
for the editor to use in an online session. These values and their locations appear as
notes in the EDL.

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Chapter 19

Compositing and Layering