Final Cut Pro 6 - About the Examples in This Section

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About the Examples in This Section

Most of the examples in this section combine the following two reference images to
create a third composite image. The composite image illustrates how the color values
from each image interact when using each composite mode. When examining the
results, pay particular attention to the white and black areas of the colored squares,
as well as the highlights and shadows in the monkey image. These show you how
each composite mode treats the whites and blacks in an image.

The other brighter and darker colors serve to illustrate each composite mode’s
handling of overlapping midrange color values. The yellow, gray, orange, and blue
squares, in particular, all have very different color and luma values that contrast
sharply from example to example.


Depending on the composite mode, layer ordering may or may not be

important. Certain composite modes behave differently depending on which image
is on top.

Boxes clip

Monkey clip

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Chapter 19

Compositing and Layering