Final Cut Pro 6 - Travel Matte – Alpha

background image

Travel Matte - Alpha

When you apply the Travel Matte - Alpha composite mode to a selected clip, the alpha
channel from the clip below is applied to the selected clip. Only two clips are required
to use this composite mode, but in most situations, you will use three layers:

 Foreground (top layer): This layer appears on top of the background layer, as seen

through the alpha channel. Apply the Travel Matte - Alpha composite mode to this layer.

 Alpha channel (middle layer): This layer provides the alpha channel (transparency

information) for the foreground layer.

 Background (bottom layer): This optional layer appears beneath the foreground

image wherever the foreground image is masked by the alpha channel. The
background can be a single layer, or multiple layers blended with transparency or
composite modes. If no background layer exists, the Canvas displays the default
Final Cut Pro background color (checkerboard, black, white, and so on), and black
appears during output and export.

Foreground clip

End result

Alpha channel

background image

Chapter 19

Compositing and Layering