Final Cut Pro 6 - Other Options for Creating and Adding Titles

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Other Options for Creating and Adding Titles

If a title you have in mind is something you can’t create with the available text generators,
you can use other methods to create titles and incorporate them into your sequence:

 Using Photoshop files or still images for titles: If a title you really want is best created in

another application such as Photoshop, you can create it there and add it to your
sequence as a still image. An easy way to bring an image file into your sequence is to
simply drag it from your desktop to a project tab or bin in the Browser. See Chapter 18,

Working with Freeze Frames and Still Images

,” on page 365 for a number of useful

things to consider when importing still images and photographs into your movie.

 Using LiveType titles: You can create many different kinds of titles in LiveType and

import them directly into Final Cut Pro. For more information, see “

Using LiveType to

Create Titles for Your Project

,” next.

 Using titles created in Motion: Motion supports animated LiveFonts and allows you to

create complex text animations. For more information, see the Motion documentation.