Final Cut Pro 6 - Exporting Background Video to Use in LiveType

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Exporting Background Video to Use in LiveType

If you want to create a title for a segment of your Final Cut Pro sequence, it’s helpful to
export that segment, defined by In and Out points, so you can use it as a background
element in LiveType while you design your title. When you finish designing the title,
you can disable the background element and import only the title into Final Cut Pro.

To export a segment of a sequence and then import it into LiveType:


In the Final Cut Pro Timeline, set In and Out points to define the section of video you
want the LiveType title to appear over.


Choose File > Export > For LiveType.


Enter a name for the segment you are exporting, then click Save.

Final Cut Pro exports a QuickTime movie with your current sequence settings.


In LiveType, choose File > Place Background Movie, then choose the QuickTime movie
you just exported.

The QuickTime movie is exported and automatically placed on the second video track
of the LiveType Timeline.


In the LiveType Timeline, select the first track and create your title effect.


Once the effect is complete, save the project.


Make sure the Render Background option in the Project Properties window

is not selected when you save the LiveType project. By default, this setting is not
selected. You can verify this by choosing Edit > Project Properties.


Import the LiveType project into the original Final Cut Pro project, then edit it into video
track V2 of your sequence, just above the original sequence segment you exported.

The title appears over the background video, exactly as it did while you were creating
the LiveType project.

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