Final Cut Pro 6 - Importing a LiveType Project into FinalCutPro

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Importing a LiveType Project into Final Cut Pro

To add a title you created in LiveType, you import the LiveType project in exactly the
same way you would import most media items. A LiveType project file within
Final Cut Pro is simply referred to as a LiveType clip or a LiveType movie.

To import a LiveType project into Final Cut Pro, do one of the following:


Choose File > Import (or press Command-I) and navigate to the LiveType project you
want to import into Final Cut Pro.


From the Finder, drag a LiveType project file into the Final Cut Pro Browser.

The LiveType project file appears as a clip in the Final Cut Pro Browser.

Note: If necessary, you can later reconnect the LiveType project file on disk just as you
would any other Final Cut Pro clip.

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Chapter 23

Creating Titles