Final Cut Pro 6 - Installing FxPlug Plug-ins

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Installing FxPlug Plug-ins

Final Cut Pro searches the following folders for FxPlug plug-ins if the folders are present
on your system (they are typically created when installing third-party software):


If you install an FxPlug plug-in and it does not appear in the Effects tab, make sure the
plug-in is installed in one of the folders that Final Cut Pro searches for plug-ins when
opening (see above for a list of installation locations).

If you installed the plug-in while Final Cut Pro was open, quit Final Cut Pro and then
open it again.

Final Cut Pro also searches for plug-ins in the default Motion FxPlug folder:

 /Library/Application Support/ProApps/Internal Plug-Ins/FxPlug/


You should not install filters in this folder yourself.