Final Cut Pro 6 - FxPlug Plug-in Restrictions

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FxPlug Plug-in Restrictions

When using FxPlug plug-ins with Final Cut Pro, the following restrictions apply:

 Onscreen controls, such as point controls that appear directly in the Viewer and Canvas,

are not supported.

 Motion allows filters to render beyond the bounds of the Canvas, but Final Cut Pro

does not. Some effects have parameters, such as Crop and Expansion Amount, that
control this behavior. These parameters will not have an effect in Final Cut Pro.

 Effects that result in subtle gradations (such as a Gradient generator or Gaussian Blur

filter) can cause colored vertical banding after rendering. This kind of banding is
likely an artifact of rendering in a low-resolution codec (such as DV) and not an issue
with the filter. Try setting your sequence settings to an Uncompressed 8- or 10-bit
sequence preset instead.

 FxPlug plug-ins that render in RGB color space may cause clipping, especially when

applied to Y’C




clips with high chroma or luma values. This may be particularly

noticeable when applying an FxPlug filter to a range of a clip instead of an entire clip.

 If your computer has a graphics card with 64 MB or less of video RAM (VRAM), some

FxPlug plug-ins installed with Motion are not available in Final Cut Pro.