Final Cut Pro 6 - Sharpen Filters

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Sharpen Filters

Sharpen filters manipulate the contrast of clips in a sequence to bring out more detail
in your images.



Basic 3D

Creates the illusion that your clip is suspended in 3D space. You can
adjust the rotation around the x, y, and z axes using Angle controls.
The Center point control allows you to set the center of
transformation, and the Scale slider enlarges and reduces the size
of the entire affected layer.

You cannot enlarge a clip past the frame size of that clip.


Curls the clip as if it were a piece of paper. You can adjust the
direction, radius, and amount of curl. The Peel checkbox changes
the effect between curling up in a roll and peeling up like a sticker.
The Back clip well allows you to use a different clip as the back side
of the curled object.


Allows you to flop a clip horizontally, vertically, or both.


Reflects a mirror image of the clip. Use the Reflection Center point
control to change the center of the reflection, and the Reflection
Angle control to modify the angle of the mirror effect.


Rotates the clip by 90 degrees or by 180 degrees. Choose the angle
of rotation from the Rotate pop-up menu. This filter scales the
result to fit the frame size, distorting the clip.




Increases the contrast between adjacent pixels to increase the
perception of sharpness in the image. When overused, can result in
a harsh, grainy look.

Unsharp Mask

Increases the contrast of adjacent pixels with greater control than
the Sharpen filter. You can adjust the amount, radius, and threshold
of sharpness to soften this filter’s effect.

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Chapter 13

Installing and Managing Video Effects