Final Cut Pro 6 - Working with the Chroma Keyer Filter

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Working with the Chroma Keyer Filter

Despite its name, the Chroma Keyer actually uses a combination of chroma and luma
keying to achieve a good key. Using the Chroma Keyer, you can create a key using any
range of color you want, including (but not limited to) the usual blue and green. You
can also fine-tune your composite by adjusting the color value, saturation, and luma
ranges used to define your key, together or separately. For example, if you only want to
perform a luma key, you can disable color and saturation. Even when performing a
color key, you’ll get superior results by manipulating the Color Range and Saturation
controls separately.

The Chroma Keyer filter is available in the Key bin, within the Video Filters bin in the
Effects tab of the Browser. When you add this filter to a clip, a Chroma Keyer tab
appears in the Viewer.