Final Cut Pro 6 - Copying and Pasting Specific Clip Attributes

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Copying and Pasting Specific Clip Attributes

Clip attributes are all the parameter settings applied to a clip—for example, motion
parameter settings, audio and video filters and their parameter settings, speed parameter
settings, and so on. Copying and pasting selected clip attributes is a quick way to add
nearly any attribute to other clips in an edited sequence. You can copy motion paths,
frame cropping, and animated filter effects from one video clip to another.

Suppose you have just applied three filters and a speed setting to one clip, and you
decide that you want exactly the same effects to be applied to several other clips in
the sequence. Instead of re-creating each setting clip by clip, you can simply copy
the first clip, select the other clips, and paste only the specific settings you want into
all of them simultaneously.

When you copy a clip from the Timeline, you also copy all of its attributes. Instead of
pasting duplicates of the clip you copied with all of its attributes, you can:

 Paste specific video or audio attributes that you want into other clips in your sequence.
 Paste only the clip’s video or audio content, with none of the attributes, so that the

content of a clip is replaced. In other words, you can replace the clip but keep the
parameter settings of the original clip.


Pasting attributes between clips that have different frame rates will give

you erratic results.

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