Final Cut Pro 6 - About Queuing and Background Processing

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About Queuing and Background Processing

When you apply the SmoothCam filter to a clip, the clip is automatically submitted to
the SmoothCam Analysis processing queue, where motion analysis data is generated.
The processing queue analyzes clips in the order they are received. When analysis for
one clip in the queue is completed, analysis for the next clip begins, allowing you to
submit multiple clips at one time. A clip’s entire media file is analyzed, regardless of clip
In and Out points.

The processing queue is a background process, which means that you can continue to
work in Final Cut Pro while your computer analyzes clips in the background.
Background processing takes over some of your computer’s processing power, so
Final Cut Pro automatically pauses the queue during playback, capture, and output. You
can also manually pause the queue when performing processor-intensive operations.

Using the SmoothCam Browser column, you can submit clips to the processing queue
without applying the SmoothCam filter. This is useful when you have a large number of
clips you want to analyze in preparation for using the SmoothCam filter.