Final Cut Pro 6 - About SmoothCam Filter Parameters

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About SmoothCam Filter Parameters

The SmoothCam filter parameters allow you to adjust how much camera movement
the filter compensates for and how much automatic zooming the filter applies to
remove black borders resulting from motion compensation.

Scale Parameters
 Auto Scale: This parameter can reduce the amount of automatic scaling applied by

the SmoothCam filter. For more information, see “

Using the Auto Scale Parameter

” on

page 465.

 Actual Scale: This parameter is not adjustable. The value shown here is the amount of

scaling the SmoothCam filter applies to compensate for any black borders caused by
the Camera Motion Smoothness parameter settings. For more information, see

About the Actual Scale Value

” on page 464.

Scale parameters

Camera Motion

Smoothness parameters

Analysis status

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Chapter 22

Using the SmoothCam Filter



Camera Motion Smoothness Parameters
You can control the “steadiness” of your shot using three independent parameters:

 Translation Smooth: Left, right, up, and down movement of a shot (x and y axes)
 Rotation Smooth: Rotation around the center point of the image
 Scale Smooth: Forward or backward camera or lens movement (z axis)

Each parameter can be set to a value between 0.0 and 5.0. A value of 0.0 disables the
parameter, and a value of 5.0 applies the strongest possible transformation. The higher
you set each parameter, the more camera motion is compensated for in that axis.

For example, if you want to remove horizontal, vertical, and rotational movement, you
should set the Translation Smooth and Rotation Smooth parameters to a value above 0.
You may need to experiment to see which values steady your shot the best.