Final Cut Pro 6 - Checking Motion Analysis Status

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Checking Motion Analysis Status

You can check a clip’s motion analysis status in four locations:

 Overlays in the Canvas or Viewer
 The Background Processes window
 The SmoothCam Browser column (and the SmoothCam property in the Item

Properties window)

 The empty area in the lower-left part of the Viewer Filters tab, to the right of the

Current Timecode field

Overlays in the Canvas or Viewer

An overlay in the Canvas or Viewer displays the current clip’s motion analysis status.
When analysis is complete, the status overlay for the clip is no longer displayed.

The Background Processes Window

The Background Processes window displays the name, queue number, and progress of
motion analysis for each clip in the processing queue.

To display the Background Processes window:


Choose Tools > Background Processes.

Status overlay

Number of clips in the

processing queue

Pause/Resume button

Stop button

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Chapter 22

Using the SmoothCam Filter



The SmoothCam Browser Column

The SmoothCam clip property can be shown in a Browser column, displaying each clip’s
motion analysis status. The SmoothCam Browser column also allows you to submit clips
to the processing queue even if your clips don’t have the SmoothCam filter applied.

To display the SmoothCam Browser column:


In the Browser, Control-click in any column, then choose SmoothCam from the
shortcut menu.

You can also view the SmoothCam property in the Item Properties window.

To display the SmoothCam property in the Item Properties window:


Select a clip in the Browser or Timeline.


Choose Edit > Item Properties > Format (or press Command-9).

The SmoothCam property appears as a row in the Item Properties window.