Final Cut Pro 6 - Terminology for Master Templates

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Terminology for Master Templates

The following definitions provide some shorthand for discussing the behavior of
sequences containing clips derived from master templates:

 Motion template file: A template file created and saved in Motion. This term refers

to the template file stored on disk.

 Master template: A Motion template file as it appears in Final Cut Pro. You can view

master templates in the Viewer and edit them into a sequence, creating copies
called template clips.

 Template clip: An instance of a master template edited into a sequence or copied

into the Browser. Just as normal Final Cut Pro clips refer to QuickTime media files on
disk, a template clip refers to a Motion template file on disk. When a Motion
template file is changed and saved in Motion, any template clips that refer to the
template file are updated

 Template parameters: Special template clip parameters that you can customize

directly in Final Cut Pro using the Controls tab of the Viewer. For example, you can
modify text or video content in a template clip.

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