Final Cut Pro 6 - Importing a Motion Project into FinalCutPro

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Importing a Motion Project into Final Cut Pro

You can import Motion projects into Final Cut Pro to quickly add motion graphics, title
sequences, and animations to your sequence.

To import a Motion project into Final Cut Pro, do one of the following:


Drag the Motion project from the Finder to the Final Cut Pro Browser or Timeline.


Choose File > Import > Files, then select the Motion project in the dialog that appears
and click Choose.

Importing a Motion project into Final Cut Pro creates a Motion clip (also called an
embedded Motion project) that you can edit in the same way as any other clip in your
project. A Motion clip refers to the imported Motion project stored on disk.

Motion clips can play back in real time, although you may have to choose Unlimited RT
mode to avoid rendering. For more information, see “

Unlimited RT

” on page 626.


Any media files for clips used in the Motion project, such as movies or still

images, need to be available on the same hard disk drive for the project to play
correctly in Final Cut Pro.