Final Cut Pro 6 - Sending Selected Sequence Clips from FinalCutPro to Motion

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Sending Selected Sequence Clips from Final Cut Pro to Motion

You can send any selection of sequence clips in Final Cut Pro to a new Motion project.
Noncontiguous selections are allowed. For example, if you selected sequence clips A, B,
and D in Final Cut Pro, but you skipped clip C, the Motion Timeline would also contain
media from clips A, B, and D with a gap where clip C was located.

When you send sequence clips to Motion, several things happen:

 Final Cut Pro automatically creates a new sequence containing only the clips you

selected. You can verify that there is a new sequence by looking in the Browser.

 The contents of the new sequence are used to create a new Motion project.
 If you choose the Embed Motion Content option in the Export Selection to Motion

dialog, the new Motion project is imported into Final Cut Pro, creating a Motion clip
in the Browser. The selected sequence clips are replaced by the new Motion clip.