Final Cut Pro 6 - Using Shake with FinalCutPro

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Using Shake with Final Cut Pro

Shake is a powerful visual effects application with features such as motion tracking,
rotoscoping, and node-based compositing. Final Cut Pro can send a group of clips
directly to Shake for further effects work.

For example, you can use Final Cut Pro for basic editing, setting In and Out points and
placing clips on multiple video tracks. You can then send the edit information and the
clip’s media to Shake, ready for further processing.

Exported properties


 Clips, with In and Out points, placed on the correct Timeline

tracks and positions

 Clip and sequence markers (called object and project markers

in Motion)

 Almost all attributes in a clip’s Motion tab, including Basic Motion,

Crop, Distort, Opacity, Drop Shadow, and Time Remap. Any linear
and smooth Bezier keyframes are also included.

 Composite (blend) modes
 The SmoothCam filter. If applied, the filter is converted to the

Stabilize behavior with the Smooth method enabled in Motion.



 Levels and keyframes


The audio exported to Motion is not imported when you bring the Motion project back into Final Cut Pro. The
audio is only intended to be used in Motion for playback and markers. For this reason, make sure that you retain
the original audio clips in Final Cut Pro.

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Chapter 24

Working with Motion and Shake