Final Cut Pro 6 - Controls in the Color Corrector Filters

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Controls in the Color Corrector Filters

As with all other filters, clicking the disclosure triangle next to a filter’s name reveals a
list of controls that allow you to make various adjustments. Unlike most other filters,
the Color Corrector and Color Corrector 3-way filters have two sets of controls—
numeric and visual.

To use the visual controls:


In the Filters tab, click the Visual button next to the Color Corrector filter.

To use the standard numeric controls, do one of the following:


In the Color Corrector tab, click the Numeric button.


Click the Filters tab.

For more information about adding, adjusting, and removing filters, see Chapter 12,

Using Video Filters

,” on page 217.

A color correction tab
appears for each color
correction filter you apply.

Click this button to
view the filter’s visual
controls tab.

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Chapter 27

Color Correction