Final Cut Pro 6 - General Controls

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General Controls

There are several basic controls in the top-left corner of both filters.

 Numeric button (appears when viewing the visual controls): Click this button to view

the numeric controls for that filter in the Filters tab.

 Visual button (appears when viewing the numeric controls): Click this button to view

the visual controls for that filter in the color correction tab.

 Keyframe controls: A set of three keyframe controls allows you to keyframe all of the

settings in a color correction filter at once. To keyframe individual settings of a color
correction filter, you need to use the filter’s numeric controls.

There are two ways to keyframe color correction changes over time. Using a filter’s
visual controls, you can place single keyframes that include the settings of every
parameter of the color correction filter. If you set one keyframe, move the playhead
ahead several seconds, and make further adjustments to the visual controls of the
color correction filter, Final Cut Pro automatically interpolates the change from one
keyframe’s settings to another to make the smoothest transition possible.

For more precise control, you can keyframe individual color correction parameters
directly in the Filters tab of the Viewer. For more information about keyframing filters,
see “

Animating Motion Effects Using Keyframes

” on page 287.

 Enable/Disable checkbox: Select or deselect this checkbox to enable or disable the

entire filter. This can be useful if you want to compare your clip before and after the
color correction filter has been applied. When working in the visual controls, you can
turn the filter on and off by pressing Control-1.

Keyframe controls

Enable/Disable checkbox

Numeric button

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Part III

Color Correction and Video Quality Control