Final Cut Pro 6 - Match Hue Controls in the Color Corrector andColorCorrector 3-Way Filters

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Match Hue Controls in the Color Corrector
and Color Corrector 3-Way Filters

The Match Hue controls provide a way to adjust the color balance of the current clip,
based on a specific hue, to match a similar hue in another clip. A common example of
when you might use the Match Hue controls is when you are matching the flesh tones
of an actor in two shots that have different lighting.

The Match Hue controls do not affect the contrast of your image. Adjusting the Whites,
Blacks, and Mids level sliders to maximize the contrast in your image is still going to be
the first step in your color correction process, even when using the Match Hue controls.

Note: The Match Hue controls are intended to match similar colors to one another.
They cannot be used to match completely opposite colors.

Match Hue Controls

The Match Hue controls work well as a starting point to help you quickly match the
overall color balance of two shots; however, you’ll probably want to further adjust the
end result by hand to achieve the exact effect you’re looking for. The Match Hue
controls of the Color Corrector and Color Corrector 3-way filters work identically.