Final Cut Pro 6 - Color Correction in FinalCutPro

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Color Correction in Final Cut Pro

With as much control as they afford, telecine sessions tend to be expensive, especially
for longer projects. Tape-to-tape color correction can also be expensive, but in both
cases you’re paying to work with a professional colorist who has years of experience.
Color correction requires a practiced eye and careful attention to detail, because it is
this final step that really differentiates the look of low-budget video programs from
professional broadcast TV.

With Final Cut Pro, you have professional color correction tools at your disposal.
Controls that allow automatic adjustments of blacks and whites give even the beginner
a basic starting point from which to proceed. With patience and practice, you can learn
to work with these tools to achieve sophisticated color correction right on your
desktop. With a fast enough computer or a third-party capture card with real-time
processing, Final Cut Pro color correction filters can even operate in real time,
eliminating the need to render every color-corrected clip.