Final Cut Pro 6 - Learning to Read the RGB Parade Scope

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Learning to Read the RGB Parade Scope

The RGB Parade scope is like three side-by-side waveform monitors that display your
video as three separate red, green, and blue components. The waveforms are tinted
red, green, and blue so you can easily identify them.

Low-contrast image

High-contrast image

High blue levels

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Chapter 26

Measuring and Setting Video Levels



The RGB Parade scope is useful for comparing the relative levels of red, green, and blue
between two clips. If one clip has more blue than another, the difference shows up as
an elevated blue waveform in the one, and a depressed blue waveform in the other. In
the previous screen shot, the overall image contains quite a bit of blue. By comparison,
the shot of the couple dancing below has substantially less blue and far higher levels of
red, which can be seen immediately in the RGB Parade scope.