Final Cut Pro 6 - Opening Video Scopes Tabs

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Opening Video Scopes Tabs

You can open multiple Video Scopes tabs and display a different scope in each tab.

To open a Video Scopes tab in the Tool Bench window:


Choose Tools > Video Scopes (or press Option-9).


Choose which video scopes you want to view from the Layout pop-up menu.


Choose the video frame you want to analyze from the View pop-up menu.

For more information, see the next section, “

Layout Options in Video Scopes Tabs


To open and use the Waveform Monitor and Vectorscope during log and capture, see

Using Built-in Video Scopes During Capture

” on page 537.

The Tool Bench window
appears containing a
Video Scopes tab.

View pop-up menu

Layout pop-up menu

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Chapter 26

Measuring and Setting Video Levels