Final Cut Pro 6 - Legal Broadcast Colors

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Legal Broadcast Colors

A mistake beginners often make when creating graphics for video is to use colors
that are vivid on the computer display, but have chroma and luma levels that are
outside of the “legal” range of color that can be broadcast. Broadcasters must adhere
to these specifications or risk fines from the FCC. Therefore, if you submit a tape with
signals out of specification, it may not be accepted.

Many graphics and compositing applications have a “broadcast safe” filter that you
can use to limit the color range of a graphic so that it will be broadcast properly
without distortion. However, you should use these filters only as a last resort. It’s best
to be aware of the specifications of the video signal and keep your chroma and luma
values within proper limits.

Green zebra stripes
indicate luma from
90 to 100 percent.