Final Cut Pro 6 - Clamping and Clipping

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Clamping and Clipping

The Broadcast Safe filter and the RGB Limit filter (see “

Using the RGB Limit Filter

” on

page 531) use clamping to adjust all values above or below a certain threshold to the
threshold level. Clamping creates a waveform whose top or bottom appears flat,
or clipped.

Clipping usually refers to signals that have been negatively affected by in-camera
underexposure or overexposure, color space conversion, or improper use of color
correction tools. When you shoot video, you should control your exposure to avoid
clipping. It’s best to start with a signal that doesn’t have clipping and then clamp
extreme levels as needed using a color correction filter.

Custom Luminance

Limiting controls

Custom Saturation

Limiting controls

Luma/Chroma Mode

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