Final Cut Pro 6 - Choosing Real-Time Playback Gamma Correction Options

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Choosing Real-Time Playback Gamma Correction Options

Whenever you watch your video on a computer display (such as video displayed in the
Canvas, the Viewer, or via Digital Cinema Desktop Preview), Final Cut Pro applies
gamma correction to the video to more closely approximate the way it would appear
on a video monitor.

Note: Gamma correction is not applied to external video outputs such as DV or
third-party interfaces because this correction is inherently applied by external
video monitors.

If your computer’s graphics card supports gamma correction, Final Cut Pro
automatically uses the card for accurate gamma correction. If your computer has an
older graphics card that does not support gamma correction, you have you two
gamma correction options in the Playback Control tab of the System Settings window:

 Accurate: High-quality gamma correction. This option is the most accurate but also

requires the most processing power.

 Approximate: Lower-quality gamma correction. This option leaves more processing

power available for real-time effects but results in less accurate color and
brightness rendition.

Tip: If your real-time performance is limited, try changing the gamma correction
setting to Approximate (if available).

To choose a gamma correction option in the current sequence:


Open a sequence in the Timeline.


Choose Final Cut Pro > System Settings, then click the Playback Control tab.


Choose Accurate or Approximate from the Gamma Correction pop-up menu.