Final Cut Pro 6 - Audio Render Status Bars

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Audio Render Status Bars

The color of the audio render bar above the Timeline ruler indicates whether the items
below need to be rendered.

Several other indicators show you the playback status of clips in your sequences:

 “Unrendered” message in the Viewer or Canvas: When video material that requires

rendering is playing in the Viewer or Canvas, and the Play Base Layer Only option in
the RT pop-up menu in the Timeline is not selected, a blue background with the
word “Unrendered” appears, indicating that the video can’t play in real time.

 Beeps in the Viewer or Canvas: When audio material that requires rendering is played in

the Viewer or Canvas, a steady beep indicates that the material can’t play in real time.
You can turn off the beeps in the Playback Control tab of the System Settings window.

 Item-level render status bars: Audio clip items in the Timeline that require sample rate

conversion also display individual render bars (for example, audio clip items that
were captured at 44.1 kHz but have been edited into a sequence set to 48 kHz). For
more information on audio rendering and item-level render status bars, see the next
section, “

About Item-Level Render Status Bars


Bar color

Render status


Dark gray


No rendering is required.



Sections of a sequence have been rendered using the
Mixdown command.


Needs Render

Sections of the Timeline contain audio items that cannot play in
real time and require rendering. Sections of sequences needing to
be rendered play audible beeps.

When this message
appears, video won’t play
back in real time.

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Chapter 29

Rendering and Video Processing Settings