Final Cut Pro 6 - About Dynamic Real-Time Playback

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About Dynamic Real-Time Playback

To maximize the number of effects you can see during real-time playback, you can
choose to have Final Cut Pro automatically adjust the video quality, the frame rate, or
both during playback. This is called dynamic real-time playback.

Dynamic real-time playback continually adjusts video quality on a frame-by-frame
basis. Segments of a sequence that require minimal processor workload are displayed
at higher quality, and more processor-intensive segments are displayed at lower
quality. Since Final Cut Pro automatically adjusts the playback quality as necessary,
you always get the highest-quality playback possible without having to stop playback
to make video quality adjustments.

Playback video quality and frame rate are independent settings, so you can choose to
make one dynamic while keeping the other fixed. For example, if you need to see
every frame during playback, you should set the playback frame rate to Full while
setting the playback video quality to Dynamic. In this case, your sequence video
quality may be reduced during playback, but you will always see every frame. On the
other hand, if you are doing detailed compositing work that depends on high-quality
video display, you can set your sequence playback video quality to High and set your
sequence frame rate to Dynamic.

If neither frame rate nor video quality is critical, you can choose Dynamic for both
playback video quality and frame rate.

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