Final Cut Pro 6 - Playback Video Quality

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Playback Video Quality

Most codecs support more than one level of playback quality to improve real-time
performance. Some codecs support three playback quality levels—high, medium, and
low—while others support only high and low quality. Selecting a lower playback
quality can increase the number of simultaneous real-time effects you can play.

 Dynamic: This option allows Final Cut Pro to automatically change between high,

medium, and low quality as necessary to maintain real-time playback. In this case,
the quality of the video resolution can change frame by frame. For more information,
see “

Multiclip Playback

” on page 630.

 High: Guarantees full-frame, full-resolution video playback. Video interlacing

is preserved.

 Medium: Displays every other pixel and every other line (this is known as quarter frame

resolution). Because only half the lines are shown, the video is displayed without
interlacing. Media is decompressed using a full-quality decompression algorithm.

 Low: Like the Medium quality option, displays video at quarter frame resolution.

However, your media is decompressed and displayed with a low-quality
decompression algorithm, which requires significantly less processing power.

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