Final Cut Pro 6 - Unlimited RT

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Unlimited RT

Choosing this option tells Final Cut Pro to play as many frames as possible when your
effects exceed the processing power of your computer. Final Cut Pro does this by
spending time to process some frames in real time while skipping others completely.
Unrestricted real-time playback allows you to play more effects but increases the
likelihood that your sequence will drop frames during playback. This mode is useful for
getting a real-time preview of complex effects compositions. Embedded Motion and
LiveType projects can also be played back in this mode.

Red render bars in Safe RT mode become orange in Unlimited RT mode, indicating that
Final Cut Pro may drop frames during these segments to achieve real-time playback.

Note: Segments that can play back without dropping frames still appear with colored
render bars as they would in Safe RT mode.

Unlimited RT mode uses the playback video quality and frame rate options you choose
in the RT pop-up menu or the Playback Control tab. However, this mode overrides the
Play Base Layer Only option and attempts to calculate all applied effects. For more
information, see “

Play Base Layer Only

” on page 627.

Unlimited RT performance varies greatly depending on the effects in your sequence,
the codec and data rate of your media, and the processing power of your system. Some
segments of your sequence may play back without dropping any frames, while other
sections may rarely update the Canvas.

Tip: Turning on Unlimited RT is the only way to enable third-party FXScript filters and
transitions to play in real time, if they’re capable of doing so.

Orange status bars indicate

Unlimited RT playback.

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Chapter 28

Using RT Extreme