Final Cut Pro 6 - RT Pop-Up Menu in the Timeline

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RT Pop-Up Menu in the Timeline

This menu only shows you real-time options available for the current sequence. For
example, pull-down pattern options only appear in the RT pop-up menu under
appropriate circumstances (such as a 23.98 fps sequence with external video enabled
to output to a 29.97 fps format).

Many of the same settings
are found in the RT pop-up
menu in the Timeline.

RT pop-up menu

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Part IV

Real Time and Rendering

Because the settings in the RT pop-up menu and the Playback Control tab are almost
identical, it is often more convenient to access the RT pop-up menu directly from
the Timeline.

To change a real-time playback setting in the RT pop-up menu:


Make sure a sequence is open in the Timeline, then choose an option from the
RT pop-up menu.