Final Cut Pro 6 - Effect Names That Appear in Boldface

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Effect Names That Appear in Boldface

In both the Effects tab of the Browser and the Effects menu, video transitions and filters
that can play back in real time appear in boldface.

A tooltip tells you the
status of a particular
section of your sequence.

Real-time effects appear
in boldface.

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Part IV

Real Time and Rendering

A real-time effect appears in boldface based on:

 The video format used by the currently selected sequence. Video formats that have

higher system requirements for real-time playback result in fewer effects displayed
in boldface.

 The processing capabilities of your computer, such as the processor speed and the

amount of installed RAM

 The playback video quality and frame rate selected in the RT pop-up menu
 The external video option you have selected in the A/V Devices tab of the

Audio/Video Settings window, and whether or not it is enabled

 The capabilities of the currently selected video effects accelerator card (if you are

using one for real-time video processing)

Note: The number of effects that appear in boldface may change depending on the
current sequence settings and which real-time playback settings are selected.