Final Cut Pro 6 - Controls in the QuickView Tab

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Controls in the QuickView Tab

This section describes the controls in the QuickView tab (which appears in the Tool
Bench window).

 Resolution pop-up menu: Choose Full, Half, or Quarter as your viewing resolution in

the QuickView tab. This setting is for display purposes only and does not affect the
resolution of your rendered program. At lower resolutions, the preview area plays
back faster and you’re able to cache a greater area of the sequence to RAM.

 View pop-up menu: This pop-up menu lets you choose the window to cache video from.

 Auto: QuickView caches video from the Viewer or the Canvas, whichever window

is currently active.

 Viewer or Canvas: QuickView caches video from the selected window.
 None: This disables the QuickView tab so no playback is displayed.

 Play button: Click to begin playback in the QuickView tab. You can also press the

Space bar to start and stop QuickView playback.

 Range slider: Use this slider to define the duration of your sequence that is cached by

QuickView, from 2 to 10 seconds.

Note: If both In and Out points are defined in the Timeline, this slider doesn’t appear.

 Scrubber bar and playhead: In the QuickView tab, the width of the scrubber bar

represents the total duration of video that is to be cached.

Range slider

Resolution pop-up menu

View pop-up menu

Scrubber bar

Play button


QuickView window

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