Final Cut Pro 6 - Viewing Clip Properties and Sequence Settings

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Viewing Clip Properties and Sequence Settings

You can quickly check clip properties and sequence settings to see if the format of a
clip and a sequence match.

To view the current format properties of clip, do one of the following:


Select a clip, then choose Edit > Item Properties > Format (or press Command-9).


Look at the appropriate Browser columns. For more information on working with
Browser columns, see Volume I, Chapter 5, “Browser Basics.”

To view the current sequence settings:


Select a sequence, then choose Sequence > Settings (or press Command-0).

The following clip properties and sequence settings are relevant when working with
mixed formats. If any of the clip properties don’t match the corresponding sequence
settings, your sequence is a mixed-format sequence.

Clip properties

Sequence settings

Image Dimensions and Aspect Ratio

Frame Size

Frame Size (Width, Height, and Aspect Ratio)

Pixel Aspect

Pixel Aspect Ratio


Anamorphic 16:9

Frame Rate and Scanning Method

Vid Rate

Editing Timebase

Field Dominance

Field Dominance

Video Codec



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Real Time and Rendering