Final Cut Pro 6 - Mixing Interlaced and Progressive Footage

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Mixing Interlaced and Progressive Footage

The scanning method of a clip or sequence is determined by its field dominance
setting. There are three possible field dominance settings that determine clip and
sequence scanning methods.

Interlaced clips added to a progressive sequence are deinterlaced during playback.
Progressive clips added to an interlaced sequence are interlaced during export or output.

Note: Computer displays are inherently progressive, so you should always connect an
external video monitor when testing interlaced video issues.

For the highest quality, you can use Compressor to deinterlace interlaced footage before
editing it into a progressive sequence. For details, see the Compressor User Manual.

Clip field

Sequence field

Shift direction
of Shift Fields filter

Lower (Even)

Upper (Odd)


Upper (Odd)

Lower (Even)


Scanning method

Field dominance setting




Upper (Odd)

Lower (Even)

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Chapter 30

Working with Mixed-Format Sequences