Final Cut Pro 6 - Conforming Clips to Match Sequence Settings

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Conforming Clips to Match Sequence Settings

When you edit or paste a clip into a sequence, Final Cut Pro compares the clip’s
dimensions, pixel aspect ratio, and field dominance to those settings in the sequence. If
these settings do not match, the following automatic adjustments are made to the
edited clip:

 The Aspect Ratio parameter of the Distort attribute in the Motion tab is adjusted to

conform the aspect ratio of the clip to the sequence. This distortion makes clips
appear correctly when placed in a non-native sequence.

 The value of the Scale parameter in the Motion tab is lowered to fit the clip into the

sequence. This is always the case when the clip’s dimensions are larger than the
sequence’s dimensions.

 A Shift Fields filter may be added if the clip and sequence are both interlaced but the

field dominances don’t match. For more information, see “

Combining Interlaced

Footage with Different Field Dominances

” on page 687.

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