Final Cut Pro 6 - Nesting Nonmatching Sequences

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Nesting Nonmatching Sequences

Real-time playback of nested sequences is possible under the following conditions:

 Codec, pixel aspect ratio, and anamorphic properties of nested and parent sequences

do not have to match

 All other parameters, such as image dimensions and field dominance, must match


Final Cut Pro does not allow you to nest one sequence into another if their

frame rates do not match.

For example, a DVCPRO 50 NTSC sequence nested into a DV NTSC sequence plays back
in real time because both sequences have the same frame rate, image dimensions, and
field dominance.

Note: Imported Adobe Photoshop files with multiple layers become sequences in
Final Cut Pro. To avoid mixed-frame-rate sequences when nesting layered Photoshop
sequences, you can change the frame rate of the Photoshop sequence. For more
information, see “

Working with Layered Photoshop Files

” on page 407.

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