Final Cut Pro 6 - Restoring Autosaved Projects

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Restoring Autosaved Projects

If you’re working on your project and decide you want to go back to an earlier
autosaved version, you can use the Restore Project command. Restore Project allows
you to choose from all of the available autosaved versions of the currently active
project, based on the time and date they were created.

For example, suppose your client saw the newest cut of a project and didn’t like it. If
you know that the client liked a version created on the morning of July 31, 2005, you
can use the Restore Project command to open the autosave file that was created
closest to that time. This way you can restore the project to a version that you know
your client liked.


If you restore a project, your project inherits the autosave name

“MyProject_MM-DD-YY_HHMM.” Final Cut Pro then creates a new autosave process,
placing the project files in a folder with the name of the autosave file, instead of the
original project name. If you want to maintain the same set of autosave files between
the old project and the restored project, you must use the Save As command and
rename the project with its original name.

To restore a previously autosaved project:


Click a project’s tab in the Browser or Timeline to make it active.


Choose File > Restore Project.


In the dialog that appears, choose the autosave file you want to use, then click Restore.

The number of items in the pop-up menu for a project depends on the settings in the
Autosave Vault options in the General tab of the User Preferences window and
corresponds to the current number of autosave versions of the project in the Autosave
Vault folder.


When a message appears asking if you want to restore the file, click OK.

The current project in the Browser is replaced with the autosaved version of the project
you selected. However, the project is not saved automatically. Make sure you save the
project by choosing File > Save or by pressing Command-S.

Choose the desired

project file in the list.

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Chapter 2

Backing Up and Restoring Projects