Final Cut Pro 6 - Choosing Project Update Options

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Choosing Project Update Options

If you open an older project file, most necessary updates happen automatically.
However, Final Cut Pro asks you to choose how you want to handle updating for
several improved features such as scaling quality and HD color fidelity.

The table below shows what features were updated in specific versions of Final Cut Pro.
All features that correspond to versions newer than your project must be updated. For
example, if you open a project saved in Final Cut Pro 2, you need to update your project’s
master-affiliate relationships (Final Cut Pro 4), scaling quality, HD color accuracy, and
effects aspect ratio handling (Final Cut Pro 6). However, because a Final Cut Pro 2 project
is newer than Final Cut Pro 1.2.5, DV color accuracy is not updated.

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Chapter 2

Backing Up and Restoring Projects



To update projects created in earlier versions of Final Cut Pro:


Open a project created using an earlier version of Final Cut Pro. A message tells you
that the file’s format is outdated and asks if you want to update the format. Click Yes.


If a dialog appears with choices for update, choose from the options shown below.