Final Cut Pro 6 - Updating Projects from FinalCutPro5 or Earlier

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Updating Projects from Final Cut Pro 5 or Earlier

Here are some things to keep in mind when updating projects created with
Final Cut Pro 5 or earlier versions.

Nonmatching Sequence Clip Aspect Ratios
When you open projects created in Final Cut Pro 5 or earlier, Final Cut Pro deletes
existing render files for a sequence when the following are true:

 Your project contains a sequence whose clips have a different aspect ratio than the

sequence aspect ratio.

 The sequence clips with nonmatching aspect ratios have a filter applied that affects

the clip aspect ratio.

You can choose to delete the render files and continue to update your project or cancel
the project update, preserving your existing render files. Deleting render files cannot
be undone.

Final Cut Pro version

Updated features

Final Cut Pro 6

Nonmatching sequence clip aspect ratios: Render files for any
sequence containing clips whose aspect ratio does not match the
sequence aspect ratio are deleted.

Shift Fields filters: Incorrectly applied or missing Shift Fields filters
are updated.

Final Cut Pro 5
Final Cut Express HD 3.5.1

Scaling quality: Best, Normal, Fastest

HD color accuracy: Any HD render files and HD sequence settings
are converted to Rec. 709 color space.

Final Cut Pro 4
Final Cut Express 2

Master-affiliate relationships


Final Cut Pro 1.2.5

DV color accuracy: Any DV render files and DV sequence settings
are converted to DV super-white levels (instead of RGB).


Master-affiliate clip relationships aren’t directly updated when you open a project, but they can be applied at any
time after you update a project.

Click here to update
your project.

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Part I

Media and Project Management

Shift Fields Filter
Projects created in versions earlier than Final Cut Pro 6 must be updated when they
contain incorrect or missing applications of the Shift Fields filter. For example, suppose
you have a Final Cut Pro 5 project where you edited a DV PAL clip into a standard
definition (SD) PAL sequence. Final Cut Pro 5 did not use the Shift Fields filter for
combining DV and SD, so Final Cut Pro 6 must update your project to add Shift Fields
filters to clips when necessary.

Note: In cases where you removed a Shift Fields filter from an earlier Final Cut Pro
project, Final Cut Pro 6 adds a new Shift Fields filter to any clip that needs one for
proper playback.