Final Cut Pro 6 - Updating Projects from FinalCutProHD (version4.5) or Earlier

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Updating Projects from Final Cut Pro HD (version 4.5) or Earlier

Here are some things to keep in mind when updating projects created with
Final Cut Pro HD (version 4.5) or earlier versions.

Scaling Quality
Projects created in Final Cut Pro HD (version 4.5) and earlier used the Fastest option. If
you want higher quality motion transformations, you can choose Normal or Best. You
can change this setting later in the Video Processing tab of each sequence in your
project. For more information, see Volume III, Chapter 29, “Rendering and Video
Processing Settings.”

Remove Existing Render Files
You have the option to delete render files when your motion transformations are
updated. If you change the quality, it is a good idea to remove the existing render files
to prevent mismatched scaling qualities in your sequences. Deleting the render files
cannot be undone.

Improved Color Accuracy When Rendering ITU-R BT. 709 (HD Color Space Media)
If you open an old project containing any rendered high definition sequences, or if you
have any SD sequences containing HD source media, a dialog asks if you want to open
the project and permanently delete the existing render files. If you want to preserve
the existing render files, do not open the project in Final Cut Pro. Deleting the render
files cannot be undone.

Note: If your project only refers to SD footage (ITU-R BT. 601), this dialog does not appear.

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Chapter 2

Backing Up and Restoring Projects