Final Cut Pro 6 - Media Files

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Media Files

A QuickTime media file contains a number of tracks, typically one video track and one
or more audio tracks. When you capture or import a media file into Final Cut Pro, a clip
in the Browser is created which refers to the media file on disk. A clip has one or more
clip items, each of which corresponds to a track in the QuickTime media file. When you
open a Browser clip in the Viewer, each of these tracks appears as a separate tab, such
as video, audio channel 1, channel 2, and so on. Clips that refer exclusively to audio files
are called audio clips, and they are identified by a unique icon in the Browser.

Other common media file types you can use in Final Cut Pro are AIFF and WAVE files
(for audio) and graphics file formats supported by QuickTime, such as JPEG,
Photoshop, and TIFF.


Media files are not clips, so you should avoid referring to your media files

on your scratch disk as clips.

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