Final Cut Pro 6 - Example:Copying Several Sequences with New Settings, butWithout Media Files

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Example: Copying Several Sequences with New Settings,
but Without Media Files

There are several situations in which you might want to create an offline copy of one
or more sequences:

 When you’re preparing to recapture media files using a different capture preset.
 When you’re working with a remote editor who already has the media files and you

need to email the offline sequences without the media files.


In the Browser, select the sequences you want to copy.


In the Media Manager, choose the following options, then click OK.

Select the sequences

you want to copy.

Choose “Create offline”

from this pop-up menu.

Make sure this

checkbox is selected.

Handles are optional.

This option is always

selected when you

choose “Create offline.”

Choose a sequence
preset for your copied
sequences and
associated clips.

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Part I

Media and Project Management

Note: Selecting “Include master clips outside selection” and “Include affiliate clips
outside selection” creates master clips that preserve the most media for recapturing.
During rough editing, you generally want to retain the largest possible media files, so
it’s a good idea to keep these options selected. If you are creating sequences for final
editing or capturing at high resolution, you may want to deselect these options.