Final Cut Pro 6 - Reasons to Use Media Management

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Reasons to Use Media Management

Computers are very effective for sorting and organizing information, much more so
than scraps of paper and handwritten notes. This isn’t to say you should dispense
with these basic tools—most editors still use them prolifically. However, mastering
management of your media, clips, and notes in Final Cut Pro is critical for an efficient
editing workflow.

 Browser: A virtual media database for sorting, categorizing, and commenting clips.
 Find command: Allows you to quickly search a sequence or project for any clip based

on any criterion.

 Media Manager: A powerful clip and media file processor for duplicating, removing,

and recompressing media files, as well as clips and sequences in your project.

 Recapturing and reconnecting: You can recapture or reconnect clips to new media files

at any time you want. The connection between clips and media files is easy to change,
making Final Cut Pro one of the most flexible media editing systems available.

 Finder (in Mac OS X): You can sort, view, and archive media files directly in the Finder

(or QuickTime Player) because Final Cut Pro works directly with QuickTime media files.

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Chapter 1

Media Management